A Sinister Obsession On Sale Today

A Sinister Obsession by S. B. Redstone is on sale today in both ebook and print formats. It is a suspense thriller with a multitude of genres mixed in to make for an interesting read.

Book Jacket

George and Lenore Marr are brutally murdered in Pittsburgh. Months later, several murders strike Baltimore County, Maryland. Undoubtedly, these seemingly unrelated killings would have become a cold case, and the killer free to pursue a deluded dream, if Detective Aubrey McKensie of the Maryland State Police had not been assigned to investigate the killings. And the killer could never have predicted that as Aubrey McKensie is not an ordinary detective. And this is no commonplace and tiresome detective story. This fabulously wealthy, dark haired Scot whose iron will was forged in the inferno of human tragedy has a reputation for solving unsolvable crimes, not only by depending on her intuitive talents, but by relying on her paranormal ability that has been invaluable in her police work, but a disaster to her social life. Susan Gardner is a clinical psychologist living in Delaware and Sherman Langston is a businessman with political aspirations of becoming president in Virginia. Both have lovely families and are respected in their fields. They have not seen each other since graduating high school and neither would have any reason to be suspicious of a demented stranger entering their lives through murder and deception. During Aubrey’s investigation, fate links her up with Detective Joshua Diamond from Pittsburgh whom she is highly attracted to. Struggling with her romantic feelings toward this sweet and interesting young man with a heartfelt secret of his own, her erratic behavior fluctuates between seductive and icy cold, which has Josh thinking that this charming and talented detective is a certifiable lunatic. While these two masterful detectives pursue an oddly behaving and elusive killer with a secret past and an equally secretive future an unexpected turn of events occurs—a grotesque and murderous scheme is launched that Aubrey and Josh are desperate to end before further innocent lives are destroyed.

S. B. Redstone


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