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Hey everyone,

Nothing new on waiting for a response on my novel at a top literary agency. In total, with the whole novel in their possession, 4 months, Torture. However, since I’ve decided to concentrate on being the senior romance writer, having Stardust Dreams published, and another waiting at the literary agency, I am working on a new novel. In researching, I decided to read two classic romances. Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre by the Bronte sisters. Fantastic writing although an old style. Couldn’t put them down. So much to learn. I have been enthralled. Any of you that write romance I would think these are must reads. I have learned so much. Pages and pages of notes. Also very inspirational.  Many publishers in 1840’s had no interest in Wuthering Heights, and if not for Charlotte’s success with Jane Eyre, Emily’s novel may never have been published. Both used men’s names, at first, as women writers frowned upon. As I’ve said, never give up. Always learn. There’s so many inspirational stories out there. The 3 sisters touched my heart.

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