This is a list in progress of all my Internet efforts in Marketing. I hope that it will of some help to my fellow recent authors of fiction.


          Amazon-forum-meet our authors, Amazon Kindle Forum,,, Goodreads,  Book Blogs,, Fiction Factor, Writer’s Café.Org, Savvy Authors,, Musings of mistress of the dark path, The Book Rabbit,, Absolute Write. My Writers Circle

Blog sites – most from BOB  – Interviews, advertising  Black Opal Books – our blog   hosts writers  romance

Book Reviewers   Categories: Fiction, General, Romance,  books from Small Presses, Mystery, Romance, Thriller/Suspense, Will provide mailing address and other information following initial query. Categories: Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, Sci-fi. No Non-fiction. IFFY

Midwest Book Reviewer

Sandra Simmons-Maike
She offers a huge amount of information concerning getting book reviews from better sources.
Categories: eBook Reviewer, really romance

Ck library journal wait for paper

LA review of books   paperback, Tom Lutz sent reply,  Los Angeles Review of Books

3024 Angus St.
Los Angeles, CA 90039 Library assoc. wait until book in print. Then, send them a copy to review.

Book Pleasures – Only for sweet books take ARC’s not my books like thrillers
Peeking between the pages
Fiction Vixen
The book smugglers

The Kindle Book Review

Put book in Maniac Readers and it supposedly sends out to all these other reviewers– book review, adv, download bk, goes to many sites as well. 11/2 Blackraven’s Reviews, , Seriously Reviewed, The Reader’s Roundtable, Booked up, The Pen & Muse Book Review, Great Minds Think Aloud, Risque Reviews, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews, You Gotta Read Reviews

Aurel media – requested book review – they are at wordpress as well.
Book Lovers Inc will not do if too busy. (You must have at least 5 Amazon reviews to submit and submissions can be made through their ‘Your two cents worth catagory’).
Book browse – must be in print and have been reviewed once
Book List – Am Library Assoc.
Dear Author – romance
Feathered quill blogspot – looks good, paperback – pay or free and or advertise.
Layers of thought – speculative fiction like fantasy and steam punk
Swimming Kangaroo Books you review they review yours
A Book Bloggers Diary – small but ok for book
Fiction Writers Review – paperback, blog tour, etc.
Fresh Fiction – likes early but accepts ARC’s
Mystery Scene – paperback
Mysterious Reviews – paper as soon as it comes out.
And Omnimystery reviews
The Mystery Reader I love a good mystery – a girl does it. Need paper
Reader Views – wait for paper
Baryonreview – horror

Black Abyss – horror

Chapter one – Washington Post – need to find out their policy on site

Dead Tree Review

Joyfully reviewed  – romance – loves my genres – very busy

Fiction Forum *

Novel spot – I think put your own review on it.

Paranormal romance org – fantasy, sci/fi, vampires
Crime Spree Magazine – looks good likes hard copy.

Katherine Everett – Best Crime Books – contacted her once as BC,  see email    She is one of the authors at BOB, she does reviews. Paper only. She if she gets the traffic to be worth it.

The book whisperer.
Romance Readers Connection
Night Owl Reviews  – might be good

You Gotta Read Reviews  not my book
The Bookish Type
FictionWritersReviews – ck them out Paperback – looks good.
Muriel Reeves Mysteries at blogspot interview and review   good site blog*

I haven’t checked all these out as yet.

Internet Radio

Host will rarely read your book, will focus on the questions you give him. Complement host like great question. Practice your answers before. Be personable, funny, interesting. Send thank you notes to host and producer. Check new radio broadcasts.

  1. fill out form to get on. Be witty and interesting on form!
  2. Global Talk radio
  3. Web talk radio
  4. fill out a form both books looks good.
  5. Conversations Live –
  6. Compulsive Reader Talks on Blog radio
  7. Top Shelf – blog radio
  8. Authors Read
  9. Sound Authors Radio
  10. Urban Literary Review
  11. Talk to me – Conversations of Unconventional people
  12. ASA Blog Talk
  13. The Writer’s Room
  14. Writers’ Life Chats
  15. e-mail
  16. Podcasting for dummies
  17. Helping Emerging Authors feel successful.
  18. – podcasts

Ways To Publicize


1.   Novel spot – I think put your own review on it and can toot your horn about your book.

2.   Books Direct – from BOB – list your book, reviews, good advertising.

3. – ebook news can put on there

4.   Book reporter – more than reviews

5.   The Kindle Book Review – massive number of resources for me.

6.   Bill Ott, Editor, BookList  American Library Association 50 E. Huron Street Chicago, IL

60611 Categories: eBooks, Audiobooks,

Fiction, General, Library, Reference, Video
7.    Fax or e-mail press releases to local papers, radio, TV, Reading groups, etc. Library.

8.    Savvy Book Writers – Good free publicity

9.   Looks Good free advertising

10.   Get people to post reviews on Amazon.

11.    Free author’s page at Amazon. Started it.

12.   Kindle author for an interview

13Listmania list, through Author Central.  It is about customer looking for one book and then

seeing yours and others as well.

14.   Savvy Book Marketeer  – I purchased the book. It has been invaluable.

15.   Murder By The Book – bookstore in Texas.

16.   Recent book releases @ topbookreleases (twitter follower).

17.  –  Can ask them to purchase a book – fill out form

18.    Do Stumble Upon – may be helpful

19. charge from $8 to $30.00 to mass tweeting. See their


20.   Search lists of best awards to receive for your book.

21.  Reading groups – send pr kit

  1. Book People – Store in Texas – takes consignment  about $100 and ten books
  2. Book Riot – went to site, advertise and have a review. Go back to it.

24.  Mystery and Thriller reader groups – much comes up  Google Search

25. She is a BOB author romance with any sub-genre. She had a

psychologist on dysfunctional relationships and recipe on her blog. Could use her for two

different books of mine mixing psych and thriller.

26.   She is PR –  Appears to have helpful info on her blog. She has a radio show?  Check info – archives of her blogging for resources.

27.    Page Lit 1  – PR  $250 – see the email he sent me. Need to further check him out.

28. –  they do guest interview for promotion – BOB

29.  –  She hosts writers. Something about a Blogger Book Fair?

30.  she will do an interview and blog the book. Give away a free ebook.  BOB

  1.  blog tours there, interviews, reviewer – BOB

32.   for $20 to $30  learn how to increase sales at

Amazon and other places.

33.   Musings of Mistress of the Dark Path   book tours and more  get their emails

34.   The Book Reviewers and authors club – publicity and more

35   Blog and more

36.    Fiction Vixen – looks very good for reviews and pay for an AD space. Ck further.


38.    Book expo America

39.    The story siren – book reviewer – blog tours on her site.

40.   – Flyers?   BOB cooperative mailings?

41.    Book Tour – contact bookstores about signings, Don’t rule out discount stores, such as Wal*Mart, military base/post exchanges, and libraries. Prepare a list of all media, writers’ groups, reader groups, and associations for each town you visit. Make a list also of any bookstores or discount stores you might pass on the road between events and drop in to meet a few of the sales staff. If you want BOB to schedule one for you, just contact Gibby at If you would rather schedule your own tour but need contacts for bloggers, Gibby can help with that as well.

42.   Check with bookstores that have online purchasing sites and see if they will feature you or let you do contest giveaways, etc.

43.   Magazine Ads or be featured –  Press kit, with prepared interview questions

44.   News announcements to regional papers, alumni associations, business associations,

Etc.   Market research says that consumers need to see your name 7 times, 10 times, even 20 times before they remember it.

45.    If you plan to make radio/TV appearances when the book is released, start putting together

your audio/video clips from past interviews to pitch to the media and show them what a

good guest you can be. Start with small, local stations to practice. Bookstores like to look at

materials around the 3 to 4-month mark to see what they might like to order, usually in the

3-4 month time frame. Send your mailings out a little earlier or later, but the 3 to 4-month

mark is sufficient and gives you time to answer booksellers’ letters and send them any

goodies they might request (bookmarks, etc.).

46.  ThrillerFest, as well as at CraftFest, a writing workshop program, and AgentFest, where

aspiring authors can meet and pitch top literary agents.

47.  and Tribal Author –  looked at his PDF, look again

48.   Check out Google Ads. Black Opal runs Google ads when each new book is released. We also run them promoting our website and our books in general. Google ads are inexpensive and you can choose to run them either by volume or by click. If you want to see about running some Google Ads for your books, you can check out this link: If you need help or want to run the ads through us, let us know, and we will help as much as we can. Google also has a great support team that will help you as well. If you have the money and want to do this, it is a good investment.

49.  Conferences. Check out fan conferences such as Bouchercon (mystery writers) and Romance Writers of America. Often, attending authors can serve on panels and sell their books in the conference bookstore. As these can be pricey, look for those in your area and price range. If you are an accomplished speaker/teacher, also seek out writing conferences, large and small. Do a web search or check out

Blog Tour Companies

Blog tours – Pump up your tour company, many more

Blog Stop Book Tours –

JBH Marketing and PR

Phenix and Phenix Literary P

Promo 101 BT – $800 and up.

PTA Interactive

Private Marketing

Pump Up Your VBR

 10  Books to purchase for learning marketing

Talk Radio for authors – Francine Silverman
Book Promotion – 101 and 201 books Nikki Leigh –  Setting up blog tours $700 and up.

Organizations to Join

  1. Mystery Writers – could be full member – blogs
  4. and more.
  5. Crime writers association
  6. International Thriller Writers – Black Opal Books is an approved publisher

Mystery Book Awards

The Edgar Awards (1946)

The Edgar Allan Poe Awards® (the “Edgars®) are awarded annually by the Mystery Writers of America to authors of distinguished work in various categories of the genre.

The CWA Dagger Awards (1955)

The Crime Writer Association (CWA) Dagger Awards are given annually to celebrate the very best in crime and thriller writing.

The Nero Award (1979)

The “Nero” is an annual award presented to an author for literary excellence in the mystery genre. The award is presented at the Black Orchid Banquet, which is traditionally held on the first Saturday in December in New York City.

The Hammett Prize (1991) need to join org and be nominated ???

The North American Branch of the International Association of Crime Writers presents the Dashiell Hammett Award (the Hammett Prize) annually for literary excellence in the field of crime writing.

The EPIC eBook Awards (1999) Wait until JUNE

The Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition (EPIC) annually recognizes the best ebooks in many categories, including mystery and suspense.

The Reviewers’ Choice Awards (1999)

The Reviewers’ Choice Award is given annually by Romantic Times Book Reviews and honors the best books of the year. There are several best mystery categories.

The Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPYs) (2001)

The “IPPY” Awards, launched in 1996, are designed to bring increased recognition to the deserving but often unsung titles published by independent authors and publishers.

 The Best Books Awards (2004)

The Best Books Awards honor outstanding books from mainstream and independent publishing houses and are sponsored by USA Book News. There are over 150 categories of which mystery and thriller are included.

The Galaxy National Book Awards (2005)

The Galaxy National Book Awards (formerly known as the British Book Industry Awards), which honor all sectors of the book business, has provided the industry with a prestigious platform from which it has been able to recognize and reward its own.

The Reader Views Literary Awards (2006) has paid services as well.

The annual Reader Views Literary Awards were established to honor writers who self-published or had their books published by a subsidy publisher, small press, university press, or independent book publisher.

The Thriller Awards (2006) a bit of work to do there!

The winners of the Thriller Awards are announced at ThrillerFest, an annual event hosted by the International Thriller Writers organization, to recognize the best books published in this genre from the previous year.

The Best First Crime Novel Contest (2007) list of other mystery awards!

The annual Best First Crime Novel Contest is sponsored by the Mystery Writers of America and St. Martin’s Minotaur. The contest is open to any professional or non-professional writer who has never been the author of a published crime novel (as defined by the contest sponsors).

The David Award (2007) looks out of business but has long list of mystery awards!

Named in honor of David G. Sasher, this award is given out annually by Deadly Ink Press to honor the best mystery published during the prior year. Winners are announced during the Deadly Ink Conference.


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